Mornin’ Sunshine mattress

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Simply the best

A good mattress is the most important factor in comfortable, restful sleep. At ZZZ Factory we use clever technology but simple construction to build a mattress that’s unbeatable for comfort.


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15-year guarantee

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Inside the mattress

We have absolutely no secrets for you

Three foam layers work together to make a mattress that’s soft, supportive, and built to last. And our innovative cover keeps mosquitoes away.

The comfort layer

For a cool, comfortable sleep

  • Embraces every joint and curve
  • Patented foam with graphene infusion disperses body heat and ensures you don’t overheat

The muscle layer

Adapts perfectly to your body

  • Soft but supportive viscoelastic foam
  • Becomes firmer and bouncier as it warms up so you don’t sink in
  • Cushions you and your bed partner from each other’s movements, for a more peaceful, harmonious sleep

The support layer

For a sound structure

  • Firm, supportive foam
  • Gives the mattress structure without the need for springs
  • Foam’s open cell structure allows air to circulate.

The cover

With natural mosquito repellent

  • Washable and effective for over 100 washes
  • Made from soft, eco-friendly fibre spun from Eucalyptus trees.
  • Odourless .

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And outside

Our unique mosquito-repellent cover

A buzzing mosquito can ruin a night’s sleep and transmit diseases. To keep mosquitoes away, the cover for our mattress is treated with Si Repel Mosquito – a non-toxic and eco-friendly repellent that is effective for more than 100 washes.

The active ingredient in Si Repel Mosquito is considered the safest and most effective repellent as recommended by the WHO. The effectiveness of the fabric treatment has been tested by the IHMT (Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine of Lisbon, Portugal) and by NB Labs (India).

A mattress in a box!

The Mornin’ Sunshine Mattress comes in a small box so it’s convenient and easy to handle. The mattress is flattened, rolled up into a bundle, then it’s wrapped and sealed, and packed into a cardboard box. We’ll deliver it to your door – for free!

How to unbox the Mornin’ Sunshine

Step 1

Unbox the mattress in the place you are going to use it

Step 2

Cut the plastic package very carefully without damaging the mattress

Step 3

Place the mattress onto the frame you are going to use and unroll it

Step 4

Watch your mattress expand to its original size

Note: it takes up to 24 hours for the mattress to gain its full strength. Any odour is from the packaging and will fade away in the first few days

Product specifications

Weights and Dimensions

Single sizes (W x L x D)
200x75x25 cm weighs 18 kg
200x80x25 cm weighs 19,20 kg
200x90x25 cm weighs 21,60 kg
190x90x25 cm weighs 20,52 kg

Double sizes (W x L x D)
190x140x25 cm weighs 31,92 kg
200x140x25 cm weighs 33,60 kg
200x160x25 cm weighs 38,40 kg
200x180x25 cm weighs 43,20 kg


The Cover:
Top panel: 83% polyester, 16% lyocell, 1% elastane
Border, Handles & Bottom panel: 100% Polyester
Washable at 40℃
Treated with SiRepel Mosquito by Smart Innovation

The Comfort Layer:
5 cm of viscoelastic foam – Coolgraph®
100% Polyurethane breathable foam

The Muscle Layer:
5 cm of viscoelastic foam – Energex™
100% Polyurethane breathable foam

The Support Layer:
15 cm of conventional foam – Supracell® Basic
100% Polyurethane breathable foam


The Mornin’ Sunshine foam is produced according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Product Class I – articles for babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age.


15-year guarantee on the durability of the core.

Country of origin

The Mornin’ Sunshine Mattress is designed, engineered and manufactured with love and quality in our partners factory in Portugal.

Shipping information

The Mornin’ Sunshine ships to Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France, in a box with a size of 45x45x105 cm.